Oracle Reporting

Oracle Reporting

On-line analytical processing (OLAP) and data warehousing are key elements of decision support. This has become a major focus area of the database industry. OLAP analyses business data multidimensionally. It enables sophisticated data modelling, trend analysis and complex calculations.

Oracle Hyperion is the gold standard for OLAP databases and was the first multi-dimensional database to the market. Oracle Essbase is the leader in online analytical processing (OLAP) server. Oracle Essbase, with advanced calculation engine, is the most advanced available on the market. Analytical measures, forecasts, regressions, financial models and straightforward aggregations to complex cross-dimensional allocations are made easy by Oracle Essbase.

S&M Tech Solutions have created a system that combines the features of ASO and BSO for best performance. This allows the calculation of the BSO portion of the cube using BSO business rules/scripts. Aggregation is not required for dimensions. Aggregations take place at the reporting layer in the ASO cube when user retrieves data.


OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) is a full-featured business intelligence platform. It supports interactive dashboards, notifications and alerts, ad hoc queries, scorecard and strategy management, enterprise and financial reporting, search and collaboration, business process invocation, integrated systems management, mobile and more. Our OBIEE consultants will deliver a customized solution that meet your specific business needs. We worked with businesses from various sectors throughout the UK and Europe. We delivered successful solutions and projects. In addition to OBIEE our experts have worked with SAP Business Objects, Qlikview, PowerBI, CXO Cockpit and more.