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Oracle EPM

Hyperion Strategic Finance

Hyperion Strategic Finance tool is used for    Long-range planning    Corporate development (divestitures, mergers, acquisitions)    Treasury strategies    Tax options & scenarios    Value management

S&M Tech Solutions can integrate HSF into your EPM ecosystem such as SmartView, Essbase and Hyperion Planning for strategy-to-execution process.

Hyperion Planning

The web based Oracle Hyperion Planning is a Budgeting and Forecasting tool that uses Oracle Essbase as the data calculation and storage engine. Essbase OLAP server sits under Hyperion Planning. Oracle's Hyperion Planning is an excellent tool for analysis, forecasting, reporting and budgeting. It leverages standard relational database management platforms in addition to Essbase’s multidimensional data model.

The application's Essbase module confers Hyperion Planning the ability to handle revenue modelling, predictive planning and allocations.

A part of Hyperion EPM software suite, Hyperion Planning is often used with Smart-view, Hyperion Financial Reports and Web Analysis for the purpose of enhancing the analytic value.

Hyperion Planning has add-in modules like CapEx Planning, Workforce Planning and Public-sector Planning. These enhance performance drivers in budgets and emphasize operational budgeting.

Hyperion Financial Close Management

Financial Close is a time consuming and laborious process. The process is error prone. A huge number of diverse tasks need to be performed by various persons. Closing out sub-ledgers at the end of the month, submitting results, financial filings to regulatory bodies are some of the tasks that need to be undertaken. This is a complex process and not recommended to manage using manual offline processes.

Hyperion Financial Close Management offers a web-based, centralized management of financial close activities. The application, the first of its kind, helps manage all tasks related to financial close cycle. This includes data loading and mapping, ledger and sub-ledger close, financial consolidation, account reconciliation, tax/treasury and internal and external reporting processes. It manages all tasks related to extended financial close.

Hyperion Financial Management

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a web-based reporting and financial consolidation application. The application is designed and built to be used, managed and maintained by the finance team. The application enables managers to -

 Adhere to stringent reporting requirements

 Improve closing cycle times

 Lower the cost of compliance

 Improves controls like audit trails

 Facilitates intercompany transaction reconciliation

 Financial Consolidation and reporting

 Speedily consolidate and report financial results, comply with regulatory requirements, reduce compliance costs and deliver confidence in numbers

Hyperion Disclosure Management

Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management enables to effectively manage the creation of XBRL and inline XBRL (iXBRL) documents. It integrates well with existing Oracle Hyperion financial reporting tools, it is the easiest and most straightforward approach to XBRL reporting. It provides full XBRL and iXBRL generation capabilities with SEC, HMRC, IFRS and XBRL formula validation support

There is Centralized XBRL metadata storage and direct mapping to Oracle Hyperion data sources as well as XBRL tag override and suppression capabilities

It helps Rollover report management and streamlines the tagging process. It enables XBRL taxonomy management and extension development. Oracle WebCenter Content Management for best in class document routing, approval, security and revision control.

Oracle Account Reconciliation Manager

ARM is a module that helps in managing account reconciliations. It provides insight into the performance of reconciliations and lowers risk by ensuring that properly qualified reconciliations are prepared. It automates certain reconciliation tasks and supports risk-based reconciliation cycles helping companies optimize and streamline performance.

Oracle ARM uses Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integration Adaptor to enable balance integration. Its mapping features summarize low-level balances to the level ideal for reconciliation. The reconciliation process is made efficient by flexible auto reconciliation routines. Mass update, import and other reconciliation assignments have supporting features. Pre-built dashboards offer monitoring status, aging, performance metrics, and compliance metrics.

Tax Provisioning

Tax Provisioning solves data and process challenges faced by corporate tax departments. Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision is a tax reporting solution that integrates with the financial reporting process. Access to financial data and processes enables you to build an efficient, effective, and transparent tax function. The powerful tax provision calculation engine helps you to easily address IFRS, US GAAP, and other statutory tax reporting.

Integrate data/metadata with financial consolidation systems and source ERP to improve efficiency. This technology is trusted by most corporate finance organisations. It makes use of an easy-to-use wizard for automating tax differences. Make use of an extensive suite of tax reports for the consolidated tax provision, including tax disclosure.

This solution supports tax planning and analysis in a single solution. It helps you integrate the tax compliance process. The configurable supplemental schedules help in handling unique data collection and calculation needs.

Hyperion Financial Reporting

Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, Fusion Edition (Financial Reporting) helps in book-quality financial management and reporting. This helps in meeting the unique needs of any functional area or department, especially finance department, that need highly formatted multidimensional reporting. Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Essbase and Hyperion Planning are the data sources for this financial reporting solution.

Automatic calculations and conditional suppression provided by Financial Reporting can be utilised to filter and focus reports. An object-based, graphical interface allows the speedy creation of reports that combining grids of text and data, graphs, charts, and images. A suite of reusable report components streamlines and simplifies the process of creating and maintaining complex reports. The users have total control over formatting, fonts, layouts, and colors. There are a flexible range of output options that enable wide distribution through print, PDF, online viewing and HTML Web pages. It can be easily deployed to a large user base due to an extendible, cross-platform report server. Books and reports can be scheduled dynamicly scheduled, and separate report outputs can be generated and emailed for members in a dimension (bursting).

Financial Reporting shares installation, configuration support, user management, administration, and other features with other Hyperion BI tools. In addition to providing a single access point to all content for end users this common infrastructure reduces the maintenance requirement.

Oracle Financial Management Analytics

Oracle Financial Management Analytics offers insight and visibility into the status of financial close process and financial results to financial executives. It offers a unified solution with out-of-the-box integration, packaged dashboards, analytics and more by leveraging Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Suite applications and Business Intelligence technology.

Oracle Essbase Analytics Link

Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management helps in delivering management and financial analytic reporting to a broad user base. It provides detailed information for analytical measurements (KPIs) and the application of advanced analytics by integrating and merging several operational data sources into a single data model. It offers a complete management reporting environment by merging operational and financial information in a unified platform.

 Automatically create an Oracle Essbase application based on an Oracle Hyperion Financial Management application

 Lower IT costs through fast implementation and limited hardware requirements

 Improve business insight through real time management reporting with on demand or real time data synchronization

 Reporting scalability with no impact on Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

 Deliver always available and continuous management reporting

 Improve efficiencies through real time data synchronization

 Reduce risk by ensuring data integrity and reliability between source and target systems

 Reduce barriers to sharing financial data more broadly

Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management

HPCM provides both multi-stage costing to support multi-step allocations, as well as detailed profitability analysis through single-step allocation logic. It provides insights into costs and profitability. It drives business performance by discovering the drivers of cost and profitability and empowering users to improve resource alignment. HPCM leverages Oracle Essbase for faster, more powerful multi-dimensional analysis.

HPCM helps you perform faster, easier, multi-dimensional analysis and scenario modeling leveraging Oracle Essbase, the industry’s leading online analytical processing (OLAP) server. Leverage a user-driven profitability modeling environment to create, maintain, and deploy cost and profitability models. It helps you deliver a flexible allocation platform that supports multiple cost and revenue modeling approaches, and can be combined to form custom allocation methodologies.

Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management helps drive rapid application design and iterations with a flexible business rules engine and intuitive interface, making it easy to build dimensions, hierarchies, metrics, and scenarios. It helps reveal a new level of transparency into cost and revenue allocations via traceability maps that can verify that business rules have been correctly applied.