Enterprise Data Sharing Platform

Industry: Event Management

Problem Context

As procuring cross-departmental data was a manual and time-consuming process, the customer wanted to build an Enterprise Data Platform that can house, manage, and enable enterprise data sharing. They sought to alleviate the challenges that state departments face when accessing the information due to the lack of visibility on available data.


 State Department personnel need to access data residing with other departments

 Communication between the various departments is difficult due to the lack of visibility on available data

 The users are not able to securely log into the platform, retrieve data, and dynamically get approvals according to the defined protocols.

Technologies Used

Google BigQuery

Google Stackdriver

Google Cloud Storage

CLoud Load Balancer

Google Cloud Armor

Google App Engine

Google Datastore

Building an Enterprise-Level Agnostic Data Management Platform


S&M Tech Solutions built a data platform which serves as an agnostic data management and data sharing environment that can be instantiated at will to solve various data sharing needs within the enterprise. The team utilized Google’s BigQuery to help the state department personnel access data residing with other departments.

To demonstrate how to access data from other departments via the platform, an application on Google App Engine was built, allowing users to dynamically upload a schema, ingest data files, and get retrieval tokens. The platform, thus, can handle sensitive information through encryption and decryption.


 Ease of access to data between different departments and agencies in the region

 Transparent view of all the datasets present

 Enable users to access information securely