Customer Data Platform

Industry: Retail & Luxury Goods

Problem Context

An UK multinational corporation specializing in luxury goods had a customer data platform (CDP), Amperity, that was integrated with Salesforce; hence, the user unification and user data deduplication logic was unknown. They wanted a transparent CDP solution on Google Cloud Platform with integration to Salesforce, as well as a feature for ingesting customer records from various marketing tools in CSV and Microsoft Excel format.


 Data Ingestion from various data sources to Google’s BigQuery

 Match & Merge Algorithm for record unification

 Bidirectional data flow to and from Salesforce

Technologies Used

Google BigQuery

Google Cloud Composer

Google Cloud Dataflow

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Functions

Google VPC

Google Cloud Source Repositories


Building a Customer Data Platform to Unify Customer Records, Perform Profiling & Segmentation, and Automate Reporting


S&M Tech ingested customer data from various data sources to Google’s BigQuery. Then, custom white-box algorithms were used to match and merge customer records. A golden record was created that unified all of the customer data, such as Name, Email, Phone Number, for the same customer. This golden record was then updated in the Salesforce environment as Persona 360 using the bi-directional integration between Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Salesforce.

S&M Tech also created a User Interface (UI) for the client’s Marketing and IT teams to upload customer data from various marketing tools and sources in both CSV and Excel format. This uploaded batch was automatically ingested and unified with the existing customer records via the CDP on GCP and then updated in Salesforce as well.


 Ability to upload existing customer data via a UI

 Bi-directional Integration with CRMs and external sources